A Memoir by Nate Methot

"This book is flawless, from the cover design to this book's synopsis and from the formatting to the edits! ... The author's physical body might be in a state of perpetual withering, but this author's body of work is robust, precise, full, and filled out completely."

Jennie Louwes on

Reedsy Discovery

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About Nate

Nate has been living with ALS for over ten years. A Life Derailed, an intimate memoir following his path from the start of his symptoms, is his first published work.


“That was the day it really started for me. I had my first undeniable evidence. I couldn’t confront it; my fears ran too deep.”


Amazon Verified Reviews 

"Gutsy and gut-wrenching"


"Perhaps one of the book’s starkest themes is Methot’s desire to remain independent and avoid feeling or being vulnerable with others. This reflection, which surfaces as his first symptoms creep in...hits harder because of how vulnerable the book is."

Avalon Styles-Ashley in The Citizen

"Nate’s memoir is an epic demonstration of strength in the face of adversity, with a well-tuned use of (often parenthetical) dry wit against the inevitable remonstrations faced when one’s body refuses to cooperate with the wills of the mind."